Momma Self-Care: People Love You the Way You Love Yourself


Happy February!!! The month of love & my favorite month because it’s my birthday.

Okay ladies so this is our month to doll up, take out that HOT red or pink lipstick, eat that favorite chocolate, go out & celebrate with the ones we love!

Dacia putting on some bright red lipstick (Momma Self-Care: People Love You the Way You Love Yourself Dacia Wiegandt Contributor Miami Mom Collective)Many mommas do not love on themselves enough! I want to challenge you to “28” days of doing something to love on you! If you don’t love on you then who will? PEOPLE LOVE YOU THE WAY YOU LOVE YOURSELF!

Let’s go:

Day 1:Take a 10-minute walk 
Day 2: Listen to a podcast 
Day 3: Make a healthy smoothie for yourself 
Day 4: Stretch for 10 min
Day 5: Make a grateful list of “5” things you are grateful for 
Day 6: Go get your favorite Starbucks drink 
Day 7: Book a massage 
Day 8: Go get a blow-dry for your hair 
Day 9: Read for an hour un-interrupted 
Dat 10: Drink 8 glasses of water 
Day 11: Sleep in an extra hour 
Day 12: Go get a pedicure 
Day 13: Buy an outfit you wouldn’t normally wear 
Day 14: Watch a Netflix show 
Day 15: Write 3 friends a note 
Day 16: Go to lunch with old friends
Day 17: Have a glass of wine outside or in your favorite spot 
Day 18: Do a mask on yourself 
Day 19: Do a yoga class online 
Day 20: Light your favorite candle 
Day 21: Inhale & exhale 10 times 
Day 22: Make a healthy recipe 
Day 23: Take a selfie 
Day 24: Buy yourself flowers 
Day 25: Watch your favorite movie 
Day 26: Play your favorite game with family 
Day 27: Take a bubble bath 
Day 28: Journal

You deserve it, Momma! Take a little time for yourself & this will refresh your soul.

Dacia 💕