Postpartum Hospital Essentials: Top Picks From a Labor & Delivery Nurse


When the Time Comes

As the end of your pregnancy approaches and the nesting begins, most moms find themselves packing a hospital bag. A task that can feel exciting for some but that may be overwhelming for others. As a labor and delivery nurse, I hope to give you some insight into what I see my patients benefit from most! Below, I will list the top items I find the most useful for moms during their postpartum time at the hospital.

Postpartum Hospital Essentials: Top Picks From a Labor & Delivery Nurse Dianna Hill Contributor Miami Mom Collective

Diapers (yes adult diapers)
Disposable ice packs
Long phone chargers
Comfortable gowns/pajamas
Dirty laundry bag
Towel from home
Favorite pillow
Flip flops for the shower

Diapers & Ice Packs

These two Items made the top of the list! While most hospitals provide you with some sort of pad and homemade ice pack, I found it so useful to have my very own built-in diaper pads that I could slip the ice pack into. Not only do these adult diapers absorb a lot more than the hospital pads but they also make some to fit the postpartum “mom bod!” You do not have the worry of ruining underwear or if they will fit comfortably with a pad on. These two are definitely must-haves!

Phone Charger

If you have ever been to a hospital you know that power outlets are hard to come by. While recovering from labor, the last thing you want to do is keep getting up to charge your phone. So my advice is to bring a 6 ft charger, that way when you are laying in the hospital bed you can plug in the wall behind you and not have to worry about getting up to use the phone.  


Hospital food can be hit or miss, so bringing snacks from home is essential to a successful postpartum stay. The hospital will deliver a tray to your room for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but it is crucial to have snacks readily available to keep Mommy happy! 

 Pajamas & Socks

While most hospitals require you to have open back gowns for safety reasons, after delivery you are allowed to wear clothes from home. I found that robes that open easily in the front are best for breastfeeding. Even if you are not breastfeeding the robes are comfy and make relaxing with your baby as comfortable as possible. Socks are a must! The hospital can get so cold and keeping your feet warm is key to keeping mom at a comfortable temperature. 

Dirty Laundry Bag

This item is one that most people tend to forget about. The normal hospital stay after delivery is 2-3 nights depending on the type of delivery. That means a minimum of two days of dirty clothes that you don’t want to put back in with your clean clothes. 

Favorite Towel & Pillow 

Making your hospital stay as comfortable as possible is very important. While the hospital provides you with towels and pillows, having your own pillow from home can make your experience so much better. I recommend bringing extra covers that you don’t mind getting a little messy.

Shower Shoes

Many of my patients already bring their favorite slippers or sandals with them to the hospital. I, however, always tell them they should bring a cheap pair of sandals because they will definitely be getting dirty. I would recommend bringing a pair for walking around and a pair for the shower. While the hospital does an amazing job cleaning and sterilizing our showers, I find most moms feel more comfortable wearing sandals.

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