Simplify Your Life: 9 Tips to Help You Get More of Your Time Back

Image: A journal, notebook, and set of pencils
Write things down to declutter your mind.

All that stuff around your home that barely gets used and just takes up space, those long to-do lists that you can never seem to fully tackle, and that nagging feeling you have that you need to “do it all” in order to be a good mom is probably making you feel beat up and defeated. But what if you could simplify your life and create more space for moments of presence and joy? 

That’s one of my goals this year: To streamline and simplify things so that I can hopefully feel less stressed and fill my time with more enjoyable moments. Achieving this will help me feel more balanced overall.

If you are also looking to simplify your life so you can free up more of your time, read on to discover some helpful strategies.

Declutter your physical spaces.

When clutter is visible and ever-present, it adds to your stress. You don’t have to tackle the whole house at once. You could start with one room, one closet, or one drawer at a time and go from there. The goal is to find everything a home. If there isn’t enough space, then it means some things need to go. If you’re getting rid of gently used clothes or objects, you can donate or resell them. Having less stuff also means you have less to clean or put away in the future, so it’s a win-win!

Reflect on your priorities.

I know you want to please everyone and do everything, but the truth is we just don’t have time for that. It’s essential to prioritize the people and activities that matter the most to you and your family. You don’t have to attend every extended family member’s baby shower, birthday party, wedding, etc. If it truly brings you joy to go, then you should try to be there. But the sooner you’re able to set boundaries around what you’re willing to spend your time on, the sooner you’ll reclaim that time back for yourself.

Plan all your meals for the week.

Setting aside an hour or two on the weekend to plan your family’s meals for the whole week will save you a whole lot of stress during the work week. Hashing it all out in one sitting means you’ll be more intentional about the foods you choose, and you won’t have to order food at the last minute or find yourself trying to throw something together while helping the kids with homework, juggling after school activities, and everything else that comes with being the CEO of your household.

Write things down to declutter your mind.

Whether it’s a daily practice of journaling your feelings and thoughts or creating to-do lists, getting things down on paper helps create more space in our minds to be present and enjoy the moment.

Simplify your goals.

Now that we’re a month into the new year, check in on your New Year’s resolutions and see how you’ve been progressing. If you feel you may be trying to take on more than you can chew, it’s ok to take a step back and reevaluate your most immediate goals and priorities. Maybe you need to break down a bigger goal into smaller, more attainable steps.

Do a relationship audit.

Think about the people in your life and identify the ones who are most important to you and make you feel fulfilled. Those are people you should be spending your time and energy on. If there are relationships in your life that feel one-sided, draining, or their energy just rubs you the wrong way, it may be worth taking a step back from those.

Create and stick to routines.

Having daily, weekly, or monthly routines helps you get things done and stick to good habits more effortlessly. For example, you can have morning and evening routines, grocery shopping routines, meal-prepping routines, etc. Just like we have systems to streamline our work in business, routines function as systems for our personal lives.

Work on your mindset.

Our mindset plays a significant role in how we experience and react to things in our life. If we constantly feel stressed or negative, it’s likely to impact many areas of our life, including our relationships with our children and partner. Practicing gratitude and replacing negative thoughts with positive affirmations are helpful ways to shift your mindset so you can stress less and enjoy life more.

Consider “uniform” dressing or a capsule wardrobe.

If you often suffer from decision fatigue when getting dressed in the morning, it may be worth considering adopting a “uniform” or capsule wardrobe. This involves choosing a few timeless pieces you feel great in and mixing and matching them to create different outfit combinations throughout the week. Maybe it’s a comfy pair of jeans, a neutral-colored blazer, or your favorite little black dress. Many successful business leaders and entrepreneurs opt for a capsule wardrobe because it helps them start the day with more ease and save brain power for later in the day.

Image: A woman organizing shelves and cabinets
Declutter your physical spaces.

February is the perfect time to focus on simplifying your life because it also happens to be National Time Management Month. So take a moment to reflect on what is taking too much of your time. Once you figure out the areas of your life where you are spending excessive time, you can take steps to rectify that. Be intentional and realistic about setting goals and establishing priorities.

It’s important to remember that the simple things and moments in life are the most gratifying ones. When we learn to focus on what matters most to us, we open the door to inviting more peace and joy into our life.

Cheers to a more simplified life!