Starting A New Chapter


I have been quiet on here for a couple of months. I remember sitting at my computer, trying to write and meet my deadline, and thinking, “I can’t do this.” Nothing was coming from my fingers to the keyboard. I was not writing from my heart. I picked up my phone and texted Cierra, our amazing leader, “I need a couple of months. A lot is going on.” She very graciously told me to take the time that I needed.

You see, as moms, it is so hard to ask for help. It is hard to say we need to step back from projects or people. We just push on and hope that things will get better. But, sometimes, we have a lot going on. Sometimes we need to step back. 

Image: Mom with two kids embracing a new chapter
Mom celebrating a new chapter with her kids

I have been going through a drawn-out divorce for over 2 years. When I knew the final negotiations were happening, I was stressed and did not feel like myself. Between work, kids out of school for the summer, and balancing finances… I was overwhelmed. 

Writing for me has always been an outlet. I started my personal blog in order to connect with moms. In these past few months, I was in limbo. I did not know which moms to share my voice with. Here I was, single yet still married. A stay-at-home mom while also working 40 hrs a week remote. Who did I relate to? Who related to me?

Here I am, writing again.

I am officially a divorced woman.
I am a working mom who stays at home to watch her nephews. 
I am, now, a dance mom with 2 kids on the competitive team. 
I am so many things AND…

I am ready to explore this new chapter. 

Image: A woman looks out on a lake

New Chapter

New chapters can be scary. They can be filled with doubt and worry. What will this chapter hold? Can I do this? Will I succeed? Guess what? They can also be the most exciting part about life! Life is constantly full of new chapters. We have new relationships, stages in motherhood, changing careers, and so much in between. I am learning to embrace it all. The ups and the downs, the scary and the exciting, and anything this life is planning on throwing my way. I am also learning when to ask for help, when to ask for a break, and when I need to eat ice cream in the shower.  

To All the Mamas

So who am I writing to? To all the mamas. Whether you are married, single, divorced, a mom of two, or a mom of 10… we are in this together. We are here to celebrate each other’s new chapters. To help each other turn the page and to make sure the next one is better than the last. So excited to be writing again 🙂