Summer Beach Body How To


Summer has arrived. With record heat and kids home from school, it is time to hit the beach and pool. One thing I am always worried about is, “Is my body bathing suit ready?” Follow these steps below and learn how to get your summer beach body!

A woman with kids by the pool, embracing her summer beach body

Step 1: Plan Your Beach/Pool Day

Living in Miami, we have so many choices when it comes to choosing a beach. Plan your day in the sun with your family and friends. If you don’t want to deal with sand and the endless amount of supplies a mom has to take to the beach, opt for the pool. You may have one at home, at a friend’s house, or you can explore public pools in the city! Once you have planned when and where you are going, move on to step number 2!

Step 2: Pick Out the Perfect Swimsuit

There are so many options when it comes to bathing suits. Are you a one-piece girl? Bikini? Tankini? You know what the best part is? There is no right or wrong answer. Whatever makes you comfortable is sure to make you look beautiful. Try a bright color or go for a new style you have never tried before. Add a fun cover-up and some accessories to complete your look. 

Step 3: Enjoy the Summer and Your Summer Beach Body

Is it summer? Do you have a body? Congratulations! You have a summer body! You followed all the steps, and you are ready to enjoy a day with family and friends (or maybe a self-care day on your own). As mamas, we tend to criticize ourselves. Do you have more cellulite than before? Are your hips wider? Do you look at your old pictures and wonder where that girl is? I can assure you one thing; your kids look at you like a super mama. Your belly grew them, your chest fed them, and they love to lay on that squishy lap. PUT ON THE SWIMSUIT! SIZE 0 or 20, you deserve to have fun, feel confident, and never miss a memory. 

Happy Summer Mamas!