Having a New Baby: How to Prepare and What You Should Know


Without a doubt, every baby is a new blessing, a new challenge for the family but also a new reason for happiness.

In the same way with your first baby, we are never fully prepared to be parents again. Of course, many things will depend on the age of your firstborn. But without any doubt having a new baby involves many changes for the whole family.

The more prepared the better! What you should know.

I thought it was perfect timing for a new baby. I said I have almost everything, so there’s not much to buy. And yes, maybe you already have the big things. But there are many little things that are REALLY important that you should have in advance.

So, let’s get organized and create a list of all the things you should have when your baby arrives! 

The first meeting.

Having a New Baby: How to Prepare and What You Should Know Daniela Naime Contributor Miami Mom Collective
Photo by Isaac Del Toro on Unsplash

Involve your firstborn from the beginning no matter their age. Maybe they can help with choosing the décor for the nursery, talking about how the baby could be, and all the things they will be able to do together.

As it is said, the first impression is REALLY important–so take into consideration how they are going to meet for the first time. Many specialists recommend that the older child be with Mom and then welcome the new baby. This way, the first impression won’t feel like there is a new baby with my mom, but instead, I am with my mom meeting the new baby.

Here are some tips about emotional intelligence in kids that could help you during the process.

The love. Will it be the same?

One of the worst fears I have is if I will be able to love my second child the same way I love my first one. But once again motherhood taught me a big lesson and as everyone says the love for your child is innate. However, that doesn’t mean that it will be the same.

Expectations can be your worst enemy!

We always expect that with a second baby will be easier which is not all wrong. On one hand, yes! You are more experienced with newborn things and better understand their needs. But on the other hand, you have less time. Because there is another kid that also needs your attention.

Many things like sleep while your baby sleeps won’t be that easy at the beginning, but the good news is that everything will pass. And it will get easier.

Learn from your mistakes, Mama! Don’t forget that every baby is different and that there are things that take a village, so don’t be ashamed to ask for help!