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Summer is almost here, and I can already taste it. Summer camp, spending afternoons poolside, road trips, playground playdates, and family movies… I’m here and ready for all of it.

As you work on your bucket list and long for some laidback unhurried mornings, here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind as you gear up for summer.

Going down a water slide (Summer Is Almost Here! Are You Ready? | Dr. Bob Pediatric Dentist Lynda Lantz Contributor Miami Mom Collective)
My son is ready to slide into summer and spend lots of time poolside

Practice Healthy Snacking

Whether you’re on the go or just hanging out at home, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead for snacks. Treats are fun sometimes, but frequent unhealthy snacks can lead to a variety of issues, including tooth decay. Here are some healthy options to incorporate in your kids’ snacktime rotation:

Low-fat cheese
Whole fruit
Raw nuts or nut butter

Our kids often enjoy a little fruit and yogurt/cheese combo. I like using snacks as an opportunity to get more fruit into their diets, and the yogurt or cheese adds some protein. And the possibilities are endless–berries and yogurt, pineapple or canteloupe with cottage cheese, apple slices with a cheese stick or peanut butter–have fun with it! Just be mindful about foods that could pose a choking risk, and skip the sports drinks.

A pineapple floating in a pool (Summer Is Almost Here! Are You Ready? | Dr. Bob Pediatric Dentist Lynda Lantz Contributor Miami Mom Collective)
One of my favorite summer fruit snack combos is pineapple with cottage cheese | Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash

Find a Routine

One of the great things about summer is not always having to be on a schedule. Unscheduled time–even healthy amounts of boredom–help our kids develop creativity and problem-solving skills. But one of the downsides of changing our schedules is that established routines can be affected. Sleeping in and staying up late can be fun, but can also lead to missed brushing. Not to mention daily flossing. 

So wherever your summer adventures take you, keep some aspects of your family’s daily routine intact. This will help provide some helpful structure to those long summer days, and will also be helpful when school starts up again in August.

Schedule Those Dental Appointments!

Summer is a great time to get back on track with those routine dental exams and cleanings that may have been put off during the school year. But it’s also the busiest time of year for pediatric dental offices, and appointments quickly become unavailable. 

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Let’s make it one to remember!