Resources: How to Access Them Through MDCPS


Image: A graphic that reads, "Accessing Resources Through Miami-Dade County Public Schools From a Miami-Mom Perspective"

Summertime is over and it’s that time again! Miami-Dade County Public Schools opens its doors to students this year on Thursday, August 17, 2023. Navigating any school or its resources shouldn’t be an added mental load to any parent. Sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming. We are hoping that this post will help steer you to the proper resources to ensure a great school year for both YOU and your children.


Image: The Miami-Dade County School Board Administration Building

Miami-Dade County Public Schools is the 3rd largest school district in the United States. They house over 331,000 of our children and have a 92% graduation rate school-wide. Numbers like that are extremely impressive and the resources they have match their domain. MDCPS has 9 different districts across the county and a respective school board member for each one. They hold monthly meetings located at the School Board Auditorium 1450 N.E. Second Avenue Miami, Florida 33132, and are open to the public. 

Parents are encouraged to be involved with all school settings and this includes the School Board Monthly Meetings. Agendas for the monthly, public meetings are published about 1-2 weeks prior. Parents can appear in person to make statements (rules apply) or they can be live-streamed via website or Facebook.


We love calendars! School calendars are voted on and discussed a whole school year prior during one of the said MDCPS School Board Meetings and vary year by year. Parent’s work schedules and school schedules may not always match and should be kept handy. It also includes spring and winter breaks and teacher planning days. It can be found here.


Image: Krystal with her family

The Department of Exceptional Student Education applies to any student who may be:

  • diagnosed as deaf or hard of hearing
  • diagnosed with an emotional or behavioral disability
  • diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • diagnosed with any intellectual disability

This is most helpful for families with have IEPs and 504 Plans and can really help parents navigate school and their child’s needs. You can find contact information for staff, information on the Superintendent’s District Advisory Panel for ESE, community resources, upcoming events, and transition and postsecondary programs.

PTA: PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION reports “Florida PTA is the largest statewide volunteer association working exclusively on behalf of children and youth. Founded in 1923 as a branch of the 4 million member National PTA, Florida PTA is made up of approximately 1,450 local units with more than 300,000 Florida members seeking to unite home, school, and community for all children. For over 120 years, the PTA has provided resources and important information to parents, educators, and elected officials. PTA members advocate every day for children.”

Every school in MDCPS should have a PTA. And if it doesn’t, consider starting one. The PTA not only keeps you up to date on what is happening specifically in your school but it also gives you access to your student’s teachers, other parents, and the school’s administration. Like a mom-tribe, you need a school-tribe. At the very least, a group of people you can turn to for constructive communication within the very walls of your child’s school. 


We hope that this has served you with something you can use this school year and in years to come. And most importantly, we hope that you and your child thrive and excel!

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