8 Best Workout Apps for Moms: Quick and Efficient Exercises at Home


Workout apps make it very convenient for moms to be able to get fit from home by having access to quick and efficient workout programs. 

8 Best Workout Apps for Moms: Quick and Efficient Exercises at Home Zoe Costa Contributor Miami Mom Collective

As a health and fitness coach and a mom of two, I have been using home workout apps for almost three years now. It has helped me stay physically active and mentally sane while my husband would leave on deployments, and I had no childcare to leave my little ones. And now during the pandemic, it has helped me stay active when there is still some uncertainty about exercising in a public venue.

What makes workout apps for moms so special?

Flexibility and time efficiency! Workout apps make it flexible to be able to get your daily exercise routine from anywhere because the app travels with you. Plus you can schedule your workout before the kids wake up in the morning, during naptime, or at any point of the day that works best for you and your family.

Workout apps can be downloaded from your phone, iPad, or tablet, or streamed from your laptop or smart tv device. There are many benefits to doing a workout routine from your home. For instance, your trainer always shows up, there is never a waitlist, and you do not have to worry about waiting for equipment or worrying about the cleanliness of it. What’s also great about using a workout app is that you can track your progress. The best part is you gain control of your fitness and how often you stay active!

Workout apps are in high demand!

With the recent events of Covid-19, it was reported that 59% of Americans do not plan to renew their gym memberships after a Covid-19 survey. This shift was caused most likely by the repercussions of the pandemic. These days many people, including moms, are trying to find fitness apps, outdoor activities such as runs and walks, and are buying their own home workout equipment during the quarantine.

There is a workout app for everyone!

It’s truly amazing how many variations of workout apps are out there! Some workout apps are very specific to their genres such as running, pilates, or yoga to name a few. But there are also so many apps that offer a variety of workouts to help you stay fit. Some apps are free to download, while others do require a subscription after their free trial. One thing is true, many of these apps offer variety when it comes to types of workouts, trainers, scenery, and more.

8 Best Workout Apps for Moms: Quick and Efficient Exercises at Home Zoe Costa Contributor Miami Mom Collective

Here are the 8 Best Workout Apps for moms from different categories that can be used for both Android or iOS:

1. Best App for Yoga: Alo Moves

Alo Moves lets you cycle through yoga styles, from vinyasa to Ashtanga, Hatha, and restorative yoga. It contains over 1,500 classes and is growing. Classes can be chosen by instructor, style, difficulty, intensity, and duration. Minimal equipment is needed. Almost all the workouts can be done with just a yoga mat or chair. It also features other fitness modalities such as Pilates and HIIT allowing you to cross-train.

2. Best App for Toning: Toning It Up

This app offers tons of workouts from yoga and boxing to HIIT and strength training.  Workouts range from 20-40 minutes long and are available at a variety of levels. It’s a great app for beginners looking to tone and sculpt.

8 Best Workout Apps for Moms: Quick and Efficient Exercises at Home Zoe Costa Contributor Miami Mom Collective

3. Best App for Running: Map My Run

A beginner-friendly and simple run tracker. Once you hit start the app will record your route and pace. It also estimates how many calories you burned. Can create basic training plans to help you ease into running and join motivational in-app clubs and group challenges.

Zoe Costa Contributor Miami Mom Collective

4. Best App for Boutique Fitness: Peloton App

This app gives your all the group fitness vibes if you like the energy of group classes. Join more than 20 live workouts a day in the app on your phone, which offers options from Bootcamp to yoga and pilates. You can even enjoy the classic cycling and treadmill classes, without needing the Peloton equipment.

5. Best App for Free Workouts: Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club app has great classes and is totally free! In this app, you can browse routines by workout type or muscle group. You will be able to stream pre-recorded workouts from different categories, from strength and endurance training to yoga.

6. Best app for Audio Workout: Aaptiv

This app is an audio-guided workout app. Meaning there is no need to look at your phone. The trainer gives clear instructions on anything from strength and yoga to running and cycling.

7. Best App for Long-Distance Runners & Cyclists: Strava

Great for runners, cyclists, and swimmers. It tracks important stats such as speed, pace elevation, and more to help improve performance time. They also offer monthly challenges and competitions to help you stay motivated.

8. Best Overall App: Beachbody on Demand

According to Good Housekeeping Wellness Lab, they voted Beachbody on Demand as the Best Overall app. This app scored high as the best overall for its wide variety of workout programs within its fitness library. Fitness programs within the library include dance, strength training, HIIT, yoga, barre, and so much more. Many of the workouts range between 20-40 minutes!

This app also contains nutritional videos and cooking shows, and even a meditation and relaxation center. It combines fitness, healthy nutrition, and peer support to help you succeed in reaching your goals. You even get access to a coach and their private health and fitness group community. This app can be streamed on almost everything from a phone to a Roku so you’ll never miss a workout.

Zoe Costa Contributor Miami Mom Collective

Any one of the above-mentioned 8 best workout apps for moms will help you stay on track with your fitness goals.

Our daily routine as moms can sometimes feel challenging, and we tend to give so much to others that we forget about ourselves. By the end of the day, we may feel drained and low on energy. I encourage you to set a time during your day and include exercise as part of your daily self-care routine to help you feel better. Not only will exercise make you feel good, but it will also help you cultivate and create the energy that we need as moms to get through the day. The more energy we have the better we can keep up with our children and build endurance to deal with the tasks of daily life.

So charge up your phones, select one of the above workout apps (if you do not already follow an exercise regimen), and get ready to sweat!

Wishing you all a healthy and happy new year full of energy and fun!

Let’s stay well Miami Moms!


*Safety Disclaimer: Increases in your physical activity may impact your health. If you have any concerns, please consult with your health care provider before beginning an exercise program and only engage in exercises that you can perform safely and comfortably.