Mother’s Day Traditions: Celebrating as a Blended Family


Mother’s Day is the day we stop to celebrate the hardest workers in the room. The ones who make it happen. The glue that makes everything stick. For one day, the world stops and says, “Sit, and enjoy your day. You deserve it.” Except, it’s never a full day. It’s perhaps breakfast in bed or a lunch we don’t have to make. It can even be having your husband take the kids downstairs, while you sleep in for an extra 30 min. But it’s our day and we deserve it!

Diana with her mother and her daughters
Photo by: Leeanapsphotography


Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908 and became an official holiday in 1914. Although not every country celebrates Mother’s Day on the same day, in America, Mother’s Day is typically celebrated the Second Sunday of the month of May. I found it interesting that the reason why it’s celebrated on this day is because it’s the day that Anna Jarvis’ mother passed away. Jarvis’ mother was the originator of Mother’s Day. However it was Jarvis who took the mantle once her mother passed away. She campaigned and worked to make it an official holiday.

Diana and her mother
Photo by: Leeanapsphotography

Our Traditions

Mother’s Day looks different for everyone. Being a blended family has definitely exposed me to a bunch of different situations that lead us to create some Mother’s Day traditions of our own. I became a stepmom before I became a mom, so my first Mother’s Day experience was “unconventional” or non-traditional so to speak. Did you know that my first official Mother’s Day gift was from my stepdaughter and her mom?

We have my stepdaughter every other weekend, so holidays can be tricky at times. And Mother’s Day is no different, but we make it work. Every year looks different. Some years we celebrate it the weekend before so that my stepdaughter can celebrate it with me, her paternal grandmother, and aunts. Other years, we have a brunch the Saturday before then drop her off at night so she can celebrate with her mom.

On the bright side, the years we celebrate the weekend before I get double the celebration. (I can’t really complain about that, right?) My stepdaughter’s mom always makes it a point for my stepdaughter to have some sort of celebration with me. One year we even had a blended family Mother’s Day photoshoot. Not going to lie, not every year is a homerun. But more often than not, I really enjoy my day. I look forward to it every year.

A photo from a Mother's Day photoshoot of Diana's blended family
Photo by: Leeanapsphotography

So Momma, what are your thoughts on Mother’s Day traditions? Do you have any personal traditions of your own?