Miami Mom Collective Welcomes MIA Mom Dina Garcia


Hey Miami Moms! My name is Dina Garcia, AKA Dietitian Dina. I’m super excited to be joining the Miami Mom Collective team. I look forward to bringing you fun, real-life, down-to-earth content centered around living your best life. 

A photo of Dina (Miami Mom Collective Welcomes MIA Mom Dina Garcia Contributor)


I was born and raised in Indiana but Miami has been my home for over 10 years. What I love most about Miami is getting to raise my kids in an environment that exposes them to different cultures and points of view. I certainly can’t complain about year-round flip-flops and sunshine either. I love anything outdoors so being able to spend time outdoors camping, kayaking, biking or just enjoying the sunshine is amazing.  


I am a mom to two totally opposite children. I have a strong-willed, independent, sweet, and spicy cat-loving 8-year-old girl and a 10-year-old llama-loving, go with the flow, artsy, meditation-loving, brainiac. Their differences certainly keep me on my toes. Despite being so different it’s amazing to see how much they truly love and care for each other. 

I don’t try to pretend to have motherhood all figured out. I mean who really does? If someone encounters me on a bad day or stops by when the house looks like a tornado just passed through, rather than feel bad about not having it together, I say to myself “maybe they are judging me (that’s on them) but maybe I just made them feel better about also not having it together all the time.”

Dina enjoying the beach (Miami Mom Collective Welcomes MIA Mom Dina Garcia Contributor)


Having grown up in a small town I have a strong need for a sense of closeness and togetherness with those around me.  In the short time since joining the Miami Mom Collective, I can see that it is a really amazing community of supportive women. I look forward to bringing you a judgment-free perspective on health, happiness, and motherhood.  

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Dina Garcia
After healing her relationship with food and reversing her pre-diabetes, Dina Garcia has developed a true passion for helping others live the happy, healthy lives they deserve, free from preoccupations with food and body image. As a dietitian-nutritionist, mindful eating coach, and founder of Vida Nutrition and Conscious Living, she is all about helping her clients ditch diets, build a healthy relationship with food and find practical solutions that make healthy eating DO-able. She’s constantly juggling motherhood and entrepreneurship but enjoys the flexibility that being her own boss provides her family. Dina has been featured in CBS Miami, Bustle, Self, Women’s Health, Livestrong, Thrillest, Simple Most, Business News Daily and more. She completed her undergraduate degree in dietetics in 2005 at Ball State University, then her supervised practice in 2006 at California State University, Fresno. You can follow Dina here: IG: FB: blog:


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