When Your Reset Is Ready for You


Let’s face it. Our lives are drastically different than ever before. You went from a certainty driven by many knowns to unknown #newnormal, lifestyle adjustments, schooling changes, and longer than expected summers.  

Undoubtedly you may be moving through life at a pace that you didn’t expect and your plan to stay on top of your needs may have been pushed to the side… offset as a matter of fact.  

My aim is to hopefully shed light on the importance of resetting your focus on your needs so that you can address them beforehand and increase your self-awareness and focus.

What a Reset Is and How to Know if You Need One

Esther McCant Contributor Miami Mom Collective

You struggle to find real me-time.

    • Real me-time means that you get to have quiet conversations to get reacquainted with yourself – minus the distractions and outside influence.  
    • Questions to ask: Who am I? What do I really want the most right now? Am I actively taking steps to get what I want? What am I enjoying the most about life right now? What am I most proud of right now?

You lack uninterrupted time with your significant other or family.

    • Can’t remember the last time you had an intimate moment or deep conversation? 
    • Questions to ask: When was our last date and what did we do? What did we talk about? Did we share any intimate moments? Does my significant other need any more time from me and vice versa? Can I schedule it right now? 
When Your Reset Is Ready for You Esther McCant Contributor Miami Mom Collective
Photo by BBH Singapore on Unsplash

You feel a burning need to let go. 

    • I mean in every sense of the phrase. You may feel too wound up, tense, and completely bogged down. 
    • Questions to ask: Am I bound to fear or anxiety? What can I be grateful for today? What made me laugh? Who did I allow to just be who they are? What situation or problem do I need to release control over today?

You feel like you need to leave your job, obligations, or living space for some time.

    • I am not promoting running away from your responsibilities but sometimes a complete pause is imperative for your overall health. 
    • Questions to ask: What about the space I’m inhabiting or frequenting makes me feel too tightly wound and stifled? What else in my environment contributes to that feeling? How much time do I need to spend away? Where can I go to experience some healthy space?
When Your Reset Is Ready for You Esther McCant Contributor Miami Mom Collective
Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash

You are doing everything ALL the time. 

    • I often feel like am doing a lot and can’t reward myself with “free time” until I get my work done. When honestly, according to folks who know I have 4 kids, “my hands are full” and I deserve some “doing nothing” time. Bottom line: define what “nothing” is during this new normal.  And just be.
    • Questions to ask: When was the last time I did nothing? Can nothing look like being patient and waiting on some other better news? Can nothing be enjoying a few minutes away from my little ones to just breathe and hear myself think? 

You want to try something new.

    • For me, it was riding in something other than a car everywhere I go. I am more inclined to now travel by foot or ride a bike simply because it helps me do things differently – take a bus, ride a bike, scooter, boat, travel by foot, do things differently and see the perspective change.
    • Questions: What do I need to see differently today? What will be the vehicle to help me get there? 
When Your Reset Is Ready for You Esther McCant Contributor Miami Mom Collective
Esther sitting for a moment after a hike to reset on Bell Rock in Sedona, AZ.


  1. Thank you for this! I love that there are real questions to ask yourself to be able to reevaluate what we want.

  2. This are helpful prompts for moms who are trying to evaluate their circumstances and feelings. Thank you!

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