Energy: 5 Ways to Maintain Yours


Being a mom is often said to be the toughest job in the world and it is for a good reason! There are countless things to do and it may feel very lonely at times.

Energy: 5 Ways to Maintain Yours Esther McCant Contributor Miami Mom Collective
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1. Get adequate sleep.

Naps, without question, are the biggest saves and energy boosters for me as a mom. I like them anytime between 2-5:30pm. And if I have a crockpot going or a long night of work ahead, then just anytime before 7:30pm works nicely. 

  • In the 15, 30, or 90 minute timeframe for my naps I am able to slow down and process my thoughts and feelings. 
  • Science backs me up. Check out this infographic from and you’ll never make excuses for not getting enough sleep ever again.
  • If I am restless and taking a while to fall sleep, then I move into another tip.
Energy: 5 Ways to Maintain Yours Esther McCant Contributor Miami Mom Collective
Image by Madison Lavern on Unsplash

2. Breathe deeply and consistently.

Breathing has saved my kid’s life in instances of intense disappointment, disobedience or disorder. Slowing down my breaths to allow myself to actively listen and focus on my breath has done wonders. I have less outbursts of anger because of it and on the days that I do. Over time you will find that you will do it a lot less. You’ll have better reaction time, and actually respond and think clearer. Increasing oxygen levels in your brain can help to improve your thinking. 

Esther McCant Contributor Miami Mom Collective
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3. Eat healthy and take your vitamins.

I would love to just say that eating veggies and fruits is all it takes to stay healthy. But the fact of the matter is that I have needed to get help over the years after multiple births and wear and tear from mommyhood. I’m aware of my family history and my more recently my nutrition choices due to coaching and following a more intuitive eating regimen. I can tell you that there are times I crave exactly what my body needs. And other times those cravings are really actually my emotions getting the best of me. In either case, taking my vitamins have certainly helped me get my B12 and iron in to boost my energy. If your busy lifestyle doesn’t make room for meal prep and sleep, then keep reading.

Energy: 5 Ways to Maintain Yours Esther McCant Contributor Miami Mom Collective
Image by Rohit Rao on Unsplash

4. Schedule your time with rest in mind.

I have a bad habit of go, go, going from one thing to the next with no breaks in between. It’s a tragedy to watch my mood go from excitement to frustration if one event delays me from the next. I am working on this after multiple pleas from my hubby and watching the error of my ways unfold into projection at home. So keep in mind a buffer of 30 minutes for travel or sitting silent and still to better prepare your mind for the next appointment. Be intentional about using your commute time to feed your mind and soul. Play podcasts or audio books or call a friend that you haven’t heard from in a while. Just be sure to leave time for your mind and body to relax a little before you demand them to perform for you. 

5. Ask for help.

Now this one may not be a favorite for moms who are used to wearing the supermom cape. But the reality is that burnout is not the time to do it either. How do you know you need help anyways? Well, if you’re tapped out of getting help from those immediately around you (kids, partner, or live-in relative), then it may be time to extend the call for help elsewhere. If you feel so overwhelmed that your emotions are out of control and it hinders your functionality to tackle the thing most important to you, then you need to “wave the white flag” for help.

Getting help can be as simple as asking your friend for a favor or seeking out professional support. It could also look like looking to your community of Miami moms for reassurance. Whatever the case is, don’t drown or wallow in your misery. Make your work productive as a mom but don’t always go at it alone. 

Remember your sacrifice for the sake of your children’s lives will not return void.

You’re helping to shape society’s little people to be future leaders who will one day start families of their own. I hope this blog can boost your energy to do this amazing job day in and day out.

Talk to me: what are some of your ways to keep your energy up being a mom? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you.



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