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ABC Fit Collective is bringing fitness to pre and postnatal moms. Their online personal trainer services are created with pregnancy and the fourth trimester in mind. They offer moms one-on-one personal training with certified pre and postnatal trainers in the convenience of their own homes. 

A group of women in workout gear representing ABC Fit Collective which focuses on fitness for moms


With over two decades of experience between them, partners Kristie and Sabrina started ABC Fit Collective because they saw a void in the fitness market for pregnant and new moms. With multiple certifications including a Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist certification, they understood that pregnant women and those in their 4th trimester needed something convenient and specialized.

Born in the midst of the pandemic in 2020, the online platform seemed like a natural, if not necessary fit, and because of the overwhelming response they have kept everything digital. 


ABC Fit Collective is convenient. Their services are online so you can work out whenever you want, wherever you want — no more having to find a sitter, dealing with Miami traffic, or any of the other reasons that can typically hinder fitness for moms. Whether you’re an early riser, a night owl, or looking to fit in 30 minutes while the baby naps, ABC Fit Collective works on your schedule. And while they are located here in Miami, their digital platform allows you to continue your fitness routine even while traveling.

As owner Kristie points out, booking your sessions is also easy as ABC. You just go online, select your trainer and select the time you’d like to work out. That’s it. Booked!


You don’t need to be a fitness buff to use ABC Fit Collective. Their licensed trainers meet you where you are in your pregnancy and fitness level. They work with women who just found out they are pregnant and in their first trimester and throughout their pregnancy and they work with mothers who’ve just given birth and have been cleared by their doctors to begin exercising.


The ABC in ABC Fit Collective stands for align, breathe and core. The pillars of their program. ABC Fit Collective is about gaining a healthy, active lifestyle not about losing the baby weight or “bouncing back.” They aren’t interested in pounds lost but in your health and stamina.

Their trainers offer tools that translate into daily life. After all, that newborn will be a heavy toddler before you know it! ABC Fit Collective trainers instruct moms in the proper posture while exercising so they will in turn have the proper posture needed to avoid injuries often caused by daily life with small children (if you’ve ever hurt your neck or lower back from a bad stance while picking up your small but growing child, you know what we mean!).


Just because your little one has outgrown the newborn phase, doesn’t mean you’ve outgrown ABC Fit Collective. They welcome all mamas looking to get into a healthy, active lifestyle. 

“I’ve worked with countless men and women in my years in this industry, and moms are some of the strongest clients I’ve had. They’re strong and just relentless.” — Kristie, Founder

If you’d like to learn more about ABC Fit Collective, you can check them out HERE

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Now tell us, what’s the biggest challenge you face when it comes to adding fitness to your daily routine as a mom?

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