More Self-Love in 2021: 7 Ways to Love Ourselves Daily


The year is 2021, and I am over the pandemic stress. It’s time moms found ways to make sure we love ourselves more this year. 

Taking care of a family during a pandemic is… well, are there even words to accurately describe it?

Last year was filled with every kind of emotion we could think of, and probably some that we had never thought we would ever experience. It was a year that has left us with a “new normal,” a higher level of stress and anxiety. 

I have said it before, and I will repeat it. We need to give ourselves grace, find ways to treat ourselves, take the breaks we can, and ask for help when we need it. 

It’s not about the amount of time; it’s about the quality of that time.

A pink paper heart (More Self-Love in 2021: 7 Ways to Love Ourselves Daily Rachelle Haime Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Making a conscious effort to practice self-love while balancing mom life can be difficult. However, there are things we can do no matter how much time we have.

    1. Find time for yourself… ha!

      I know this sounds practically impossible. There are so many ways to go about this, though. You know how they say, “Sleep when the baby sleeps?” I like to say, “Rest while the baby sleeps… even just ten minutes.” This is something I wish I had done when mine were babies. Sleeping during the kids’ nap time is not very practical. However, using part of your little ones’ nap time to take a break seems a much more realistic way to get some self-care in. Take 10 minutes of nap time and actually rest. No chores, no thinking about work. Set a timer if you like, but take a real break. Your kids don’t nap anymore? Maybe find time for independent play, or use that time for their screen time. There are toys everywhere? Leave them. What about dinner? Order takeout. Ten minutes can make a huge difference, I promise. 

    2. Meditation.

      Most meditation apps will have guided meditations that start at 5 minutes to some that last a lot longer. Set your alarm 5 minutes earlier and check in with yourself before starting your day.

    1. Multitasking self-care.

      One of my favorite things to do when it comes to self-care is finding ways to incorporate it into something I do during the day. Krystal watches, as she puts it, ratchet TV shows while doing the dishes. I love this! Moms are master multitaskers. Why not let it work to our advantage. When I can choose between running home for 5 minutes or going to carpool and being 20 minutes early, I head to carpool. Once there, I listen to music, talk to friends, or read a book. Sometimes I even just sit in silence and rest: No emailing, no to-do list.

    2. Ask for the break or for help!

      Ask someone to help you with the kids (partner, family member, babysitter, etc). Take an hour to stroll the aisles of Target, do a workout (check out Zoe’s post for great at-home workout apps), or just enjoy quiet time at home. I know right now it’s hard because of the COVID situation, but if you can find a way to include someone in your bubble who can help you safely, that would be great!

    3. Avoid toxicity in your life.

      No, I don’t mean stop eating the kids’ holiday candy. I mean, let go of those people who make you doubt yourself, the ones who make you feel less than, the ones who make you feel like a bad parent. This is the year we rid ourselves of those people. I know that it’s hard if those people are family members, so in that case, at least trying to limit your exposure to them is a good start. This time is hard enough; you deserve to only be surrounded by people who believe in you and help you believe in yourself.

    4. Saying No.

      If I can take anything with me from 2020, it would be the relief that comes with not over scheduling. Being stretched too thin because of all the things agreed to before the pandemic was not a problem because everything was pretty much canceled. Saying no to something to keep your sanity is ok!

    5. Affirmations.

      Put sticky notes up on your mirror, in your car, reminders on your phone… any place you will see them! Messages of positivity and self-love to remind you that you are enough, to love yourself and that you matter! Research has shown that adding affirmations to your day has been proven to help shift your mindset. There are so many ways to go about this, and a quick Google search can help get you on your way with lists of different affirmations you might want to use. 

A woman at sunset making a heart shape with her hands (More Self-Love in 2021: 7 Ways to Love Ourselves Daily Rachelle Haime Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

These are some of MANY ideas. Each one of us has different needs and schedules, and practicing more self-love will look different for all of us. I am always looking for self-care ideas, and I would love to see how you incorporate some self-love into your days in the comments below. 

I hope this year is the year you get all the self-love you need!